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Bowen for women.
Bowen for men.
Bowen for the later years.
Bowen for children.

The Bowen Technique is a remedial therapy tool. It is used by therapists mainly to help people who are in pain or discomfort for one reason or another.

Practitioners treat the body as a whole or can target a specific problem, as they are able to pinpoint stress buildup in muscle groups and then release it.

The treatment consists of a series of gentle rolling moves over the soft tissue with frequent pauses between moves to allow the body to start working with the information.

The Bowen Technique both balances and stimulates - the restorative process begins once the body is relaxed.


Izzie Campbell Bowen Practitioner, Scotland
Bowen for sport - golf.
Bowen for sport - cycling.
Bowen for sport - running.
Bowen for sport - rugby.
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