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Therapy for farmers
Therapy for office workers
Therapy for engineers and construction workers.
Therapy for foresters, tree surgeons, arborists.


There is a real opportunity for companies, large and small, to minimise the financial and organisational problems caused by both short-term and long-term employee absenteeism.

An investment in targeted Bowen Therapy can provide valuable assistance in maintaining the health and well-being of employees, increasing efficiency, enhancing productivity and reducing the cost of sick pay.

There are many situations where the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and/or emotional strain 'comes with the job'. For example:

  • Production line workers

  • Lifting, bending and stretching

  • Shelf-stackers

  • Shop assistants

  • Jobs involving prolonged standing

  • Check-out staff

  • Office workers

  • Work requiring employees to sit for long periods of time

  • Computer and visual display unit operators

  • Jobs involving shoulders, arms, wrists and hands in repetitive actions for long hours

  • Sales personnel

  • Operating under constant pressure to meet targets or driving long distances

  • Supervisor roles, Managers and Executives

  • Long hours and shift work causing stress

Bowen has a particularly strong record of success in improving back pain, which is responsible for some 14 million working days lost every year in Britain. It regularly provides relief to sufferers for whom conventional treatment has failed to help. A national study, carried out by BTPA in the summer of 2006, showed that 95% of back pain sufferers experienced either complete relief or a marked improvement, after a series of no more than three Bowen sessions.

Bowen can be seen as a responsible way of improving and maintaining the welfare of employees.


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